Yemen Mokha Haraaz A+

Natural • Single Origin Coffee • 100% Premium Arabica Coffee 

Roast Level: Medium / City

Cupping notes: Light-medium body. Complex spice. Delicate with fruit & floral overtures and a lingering sweet red grape-like finish.

Weight: 250g

Whole bean Coarse Medium Fine

Not ground

Suitable for cold brew & french press

Suitable for machine drip, siphon, pour-over & aeropress

Suitable for espresso & moka pot

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Mocca Matari Yemen – InterAmerican Coffee Europe

Natural • Single Origin Coffee • 100% Premium Arabica Coffee 

About this coffee:

Yemeni coffee stands as one of the world’s oldest varietals.

This coffee comes from the Haraaz Mountains, an ancient coffee-growing region in the isolated northwest highlands of Yemen. The beans, adapting over centuries to harsh landscapes of arid mountains and minimal rainfall, produce a truly unique flavour. Grown and cultivated in the same meticulous manner for centuries, this coffee is a glimpse into history……and while not officially classified as organic, it is cultivated without manmade fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

Haraaz is a collective coffee that was collected from a group of farms that are located west of the Yemen capital, Sana’a. Once dry, beans are collected by the exporter in all the villages throughout this mountainous region and transported to a collection centre in the village of Al-Hutaib. Finally, it is conveyed to the processing facility in Sanani for milling, bagging, and export to waiting international buyers.

In the last three decades of the twentieth century, farmers turned away from traditional crops, including coffee, to grow Qat, a narcotic and far more lucrative endeavor. With the help and guidance of the ‘Haraaz Project’, as well as government incentives, many of the five hundred or so farmers in the Haraaz Mountains have turned their attention back to their traditional coffee roots.

The high cost of Yemeni coffee is a testament to the challenges it overcomes—difficult growing conditions, demand for skilled farmers, high production costs, local consumption, and limited export volumes.

Your cup of Yemen Mokha Haraaz coffee is not just a taste; it’s a celebration of resilience, tradition, and the commitment to a legacy that spans generations. Distinguished by a palate-cleansing dry wine-like quality, smooth body and a lingering fruit sweetness, this coffee tells a tale centuries in the making.


DID YOU KNOW? While the coffee plant is said to have been discovered in Ethiopia in the 11th century, Yemen is regarded as the birthplace of the drink we know and love today. Journeying from Ethiopia to Yemen, these coffee beans were carried by pilgrims who would chew the cherries en route to Mecca to help them with their journey. Coffee was cultivated in Yemen and the beans shipped from the port city of Mokha around the world to grow and develop into the varieties we know today.

Additional information

Weight 250 g




Growing Altitude

1400–2,200 m.a.s.l.

Coffee Variety

Heirloom, Ja,addi

Harvest Period

November – January

Milling Process



Light – Medium




delicate, Fruity, Grape, Sweet

Roast Level

Medium / City

Recommend for

Filter, Pour Over