MOOtiful Guernsey

Blend • Costa Rica • Ethiopia • 100% Premium Arabica Coffee 

Roast Level: Medium / City

Cupping notes: Smooth, juicy body with chocolate, grapefruit and berry notes and a sweet, nutty finish.

Weight: 250g

Wholebean Coarse Medium Fine

Not ground

Suitable for cold brew & french press

Suitable for machine drip, siphon, pour over & aeropress

Suitable for espresso & moka pot


Blend • Costa Rica • Ethiopia • 100% Premium Arabica Coffee 

Artwork by Ryan Dawe (local Guernsey artist)

About this coffee:

This is a rich blend of 2 fabulous coffees from Latin America (Costa Rica), and Africa (Ethiopia). The roast lies between first and second crack, making it suitable for both filter/cafetiere and espresso drinkers

Our talented roasters have crafted this blend with the utmost care. It’s a delightful gift for your taste buds – our MOOtiful Guernsey has a smooth body with a delicious symphony of chocolate, grapefruit and berry notes and finishes with nuts!

Costa Rica (Tarrazú region): Tarrazú is the market name for the coffees produced and processed within the region. Our Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee possesses an inherently intense flavor with peaks of bright acidity and depths of creamy sweet chocolate. Costa Rica boasts eight coffee growing regions, the most famous of which is Tarrazú which is located in the interior mountains of Costa Rica between the Pacific Coast and the Talamanca Sierra. The region is known for producing coffees that have distinctly acidic qualities, mainly due to the sedimentary soil composition that characterize the land.

Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe coffees are known for their rich body that is very complex along with a bright and vibrant aftertaste that are fairly consistent from year to year. Produced only from freshly-picked, fully-ripe coffee cherries, the Yirgacheffe region is well-known for its high quality wet processed coffee due to its well-established linked structures that connects coffee farmers, processing-plant owners, governmental organisations and coffee-purchasing enterprises leading to effective quality control. The finest Yirgacheffe possesses an intense floral aroma which is also noticeable in the cup. The washed Yirgacheffe is one of the best highland grown coffees. It has a fine acidity and rich body


About the Guernsey cow:

The Guernsey cow breed, known as ‘Guernseys’ or the ‘Golden Guernsey’ is famous within the world dairy farming industry and are known for their friendly, docile nature and for producing some of the best milk in the world …..just like Granite Goat sourcing some of the best coffees in the world!

It’s said that the first Guernsey cows stepped foot in Guernsey in the middle ages, led by monks from Mont St Michel. The breed has since settled and flourished on their island home, happily grazing on the green cliff tops with fresh sea air but only 10% of the world population are actually farmed here in Guernsey – these days you can find the Guernsey breed on farms across Britain, North America, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

Protecting the Guernsey breed: Since 1819, Guernsey law has prevented the importation of cattle to the island to ensure all our cows that produce the Guernsey Dairy’s milk are pure, bred on island and disease free. Guernsey’s Biodiversity Strategy recognises the Guernsey cow as an important part of the island’s culture and heritage and each farm has a Farm Biodiversity Action Plan which helps and encourages each farmer to keep animal welfare and wildlife in mind


Additional information

Weight 250 g




Roast Level

Medium / City