Mexico Chiapas Turquesa (MWP Decaf)

HG (High Grown) • Double Quality Controlled • Single Origin • 100% Premium Arabica Coffee 

Cupping notes: medium body and fantastic notes of chocolate, sweet nuts and citrus!

Weight: 250g

Wholebean Coarse Medium Fine

Not ground

Suitable for cold brew & french press

Suitable for machine drip, siphon, pour over & aeropress

Suitable for espresso & moka pot


About this coffee:

With altitudes of 900 – 1,100 meters, the mountainous highlands of Chiapas provide climate of ideal temperature and humidity to grow large arabica beans which produce smooth, well-balanced coffees.

This Mexican Turquesa coffee comes from a group of smallholder producers in Chiapas who plant, harvest, and prepare the coffee by hand – sparing no effort to produce a product to be proud of. Generally, each produces between 10 to 15 bags. Coffee is quality checked and then sent to a high tech dry mill in Veracruz. After a second quality check, the coffee is cleaned, milled and sorted to be prepared for export.

The coffee is decaffeinated naturally using water from the glaciers of Pico de Orizaba (the highest mountain in Mexico) in a method called ‘Mountain Water Process’. The process is entirely chemical free and works by immersing the green beans in water at varying temperatures and pressures to extract the caffeine from the beans. The coffee’s body, along with original notes, flavours and aromas are preserved.


DID YOU KNOW? Much of the country’s coffee production is organised through cooperatives. Exporters of coffee from this region support communities with social projects and also use their own transportation infrastructure to bring the producers coffee to market.

Another little-known fact is that Mexico is one of the world’s largest exporters of organic-certified coffee, with up to 8% of producers growing it. [ref. Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER)]

Additional information

Weight 250 g

Chiapas (Mexico)

Growing Altitude

900 – 1,100 m.a.s.l.

Arabica Variety

Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Typica

Milling Process

Patio dried, Washed




Light to Medium