Jingle Beans

Blend of 2 Single Origin Coffees • 100% Premium Arabica Coffee 

Cupping notes: Smooth juicy body, grapefruit and berry notes with a sweet, nutty finish.

Weight: 250g

Wholebean Coarse Medium Fine

Not ground

Suitable for cold brew & french press

Suitable for machine drip, siphon, pour over & aeropress

Suitable for espresso & moka pot


This is a rich blend of 2 fabulous coffees from Latin America (Costa Rica), and Africa (Ethiopia). The roast lies between first and second crack, making it suitable for both filter/cafetiere and espresso drinkers

Our talented roasters have crafted this blend with the utmost care and the warmth of the season. It’s a delightful gift for your taste buds and a touch of Christmas cheer in every cup.Our Jingle Beans is a delicious symphony of grapefruit and berry notes, a smooth juicy body, and a sweet nutty finish

About this coffee:

Costa Rica (Tarrazu region): Our Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee possesses an inherently intense flavor with peaks of bright acidity and depths of sweet honey and chocolate. The body of Costa Rican Tarrazu is considered medium, but this famous coffee region does not lack for flavor and in all produces an incredibly satisfying cup.

Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe coffees are known for their rich body that is very complex along with a bright and vibrant aftertaste that are fairly consistent from year to year. The finest Yirgacheffe possesses an intense floral aroma which is also noticeable in the cup. The washed Yirgacheffe is one of the best highland grown coffees. It has a fine acidity and rich body.



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Weight 250 g