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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Heirloom variety • Washed Process • 100% Premium Arabica Coffee 

Roast Level: Medium / City

Cupping notes: Smooth body. Floral and bright citrus with sweet berry-like fruitiness.

Weight: 250g

Wholebean Coarse Medium Fine

Not ground

Suitable for cold brew & french press

Suitable for machine drip, siphon, pour over & aeropress

Suitable for espresso & moka pot


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Heirloom variety • Washed Process • 100% Premium Arabica Coffee 

Ethiopia is regarded by many as the birthplace of coffee and produces some of the most unique and fascinating  coffees in the world. Coffee has been cultivated there since the 1500s, in much the same way it is grown today. Most coffee grows wild in the shade of other trees and is referred to as forest grown coffee.

About this coffee:

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is known by consumers as highland coffee because it is grown in the highland areas of the county. Grown at elevations from 1,700 to 2,200 meters above sea level, Yirgacheffe coffee is the considered the best high grown coffee in southern Ethiopia. These elevations qualify Yirgacheffes as Strictly High Grown (SHG) / Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) coffees, where coffees grow slowly due to the altitude, allowing additional time for the tree to deliver nutrients to the coffee and develop the best flavours.

Yirgacheffe coffee displays a bright acidity along with intense, clean tastes and a complexity of floral notes in the aroma, sometimes with a hint of toasted coconut. Cupping notes frequently mention the aftertaste being vibrant, and the coffee may exhibit undertones of berry or wine.

Produced only from freshly-picked, fully-ripe coffee cherries, the Yirgacheffe region is well-known for its high quality wet processed coffee due to its well-established linked structures that connects coffee farmers, processing-plant owners, governmental organisations and coffee-purchasing enterprises leading to effective quality control.


DID YOU KNOW? Some say that the Yirgacheffe area is the site of coffee’s origins, though there is some debate over this.

Additional information

Weight 250 g

Yirgacheffe (Ethiopia)

Growing Altitude

1,500 – 2,100 m.a.s.l

Coffee Variety


Harvest Period

October – December

Milling Process

Dried on raised beds, Washed, Wet Process




Berry, Citrus, Tropical fruit



Roast Level

Medium / City

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