Brazil Mio Honey

Honey process • Single origin • 100% Arabica Coffee

Roast Level: Medium / City

Cupping notes: Grape, brown spices, cashews, maple syrup & chocolate balanced with medium acidity.

Weight: 250g

Whole bean. Coarse Medium Fine

Not ground

Suitable for cold brew & french press

Suitable for machine drip, siphon, pour-over, and aeropress

Suitable for espresso & moka pot

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Yellow Catuai coffee cherries (image courtesy of Green Coffee Collective)

About this coffee:

Honey process • Single origin • 100% Arabica Coffee

This is a honey-processed, carbon-neutral Yellow Catuai coffee harvested between May-August and was purchased directly from Mío through their UK partners, the Green Coffee Collective.

Mió is a coffee farm in Monte Santo de Minas, Brazil, that exports, imports, stores, and sells coffee. The farm spans a total of 1,589 hectares. A third of the land is used for coffee processing and milling facilities, some pasture areas, and the plantation of eucalyptus trees, which is home to bees. The rest of the land is equally divided between the coffee plants and the native forest reserve. Dedicating the same amount of land to the coffee as to the native forest helps preserve the natural characteristics of the area.

The farm is located between Southern Minas Gerais and the High Mogiana region. The two distinct terrains determine the flavours characterising Mió coffee: one bringing a citric acidity, the other a full body and sweetness. They pride themselves in a 100% traceability guarantee for the entire crop every year. Each stage of the journey, from where the cherries were harvested, which trucks moved them, how and when they were processed, is tracked using satellite imagery. Being a technology-driven farm improves the farmworkers’ quality of life, ensures an abundant harvest, and guarantees the highest processing standards for the crop.

Mió’s state-of-the-art processing facilities include: a wet-mill, concrete patios, raised beds, ambient-air drying rotating machines, wood silos, cross-beater hullers, and a density separator. The beans are then sorted further according to size and colour using an oscillating screen and an optical-electronic system.

Honey Process: This involves the mechanical de-pulping of the cherries at the wet mill while ensuring the mucilage stays attached to the beans. This sticky part of the cherry contains high amounts of sugar, resulting in a pronounced body and developed, chocolaty sweetness in Mió’s coffee. The parchment is then dried on concrete patios for 3 days and then static dried for 4 days. The coffee is then bagged and allowed to rest for 50 days before being hulled using cross-beater hullers and oscillating Screen Grade with a final stage of density segregation, electrically sorted, bagged, and ready for export.

Additional information

Weight 250 g



Monte Santo de Minas (Brazil)

Growing Altitude

1,000 – 1,100 m.a.s.l

Coffee Variety

Yellow Catuai

Harvest Period

May – August

Milling Process





Brown Spices, Cashew, Grape, Maple Syrup



Roast Level

Medium / City

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