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Unique and locally made products
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Local products

We are proud to support local artisans by selling their wares.

These artisans produce high quality, unique and locally made products in textiles & homewares, illustration & print, jewellery & accessories, seaweed products and so much more… shopping at the Granite Goat supports local enterprise.

Here’s a small selection of what we offer….

À la prochaine

‘until next time’

Someone leaving Guernsey….put together a memorable hamper of all things Guernsey to remind them of the island they’re leaving.

The Apothecary Teas

Hand blended in Guernsey, these teas and tisanes offer comfort, healing and pure drinking pleasure. 

Seaweed Bath Bags

Hand picked and harvested from the beaches of Guernsey, luxuriate in a bath boosted by the vitamins and minerals that seaweed offers.

Guernsey Woollens Beanie

Hand finished beanies from Guernsey Woollens. Variety of colours to choose from.

The Seaweed Food Co.

Hand picked seaweeds from the beaches of Guernsey to make a variety of delicious food seasonings.

Guernsey Seaweed

Treat your face, body and hair with these products using seaweed carefully and sustainably handpicked from the beaches of Guernsey.


(Guernsey French for ‘sea’)

Containing Kelpogen5™, this natural superfood skincare range gives complexions of all ages and skin types the nourishment and protection they need to look their best.

As well as all things coffee (and tea….)

Offering a wide selection of accessories from grinders to brew systems, tampers to latte art pens, kettles to teapots, scales to jugs….everything to make sure your brew gets off to a good start and finishes well!

Pezzetti Coffee Makers

Since 1940s, Pezzetti creates great and stylish coffee makers helping design an experience inside of the world of Italian coffee making.

Airscape Glass Jar

Keep coffee, cereal, rice or anything you like fresher for longer

Bottle It

Multi purpose air tight glass bottles


Timemore produce fresh designed products to appeal to all kinds of coffee drinkers.

Barista Accessories

Coffee connoisseur, experienced barista or simply like to have quality premium coffee accessories.

Tea Accessories

A wide range of products to elevate your beverage experience

Suki Tea Sets

Premium tea and tea sets from Suki


William Le Lachure – The Guernseyman credited with transforming Costa Rica from the poores country in Central America to the wealthiest in just 20 years

This mural tell the abridged story of William and his coffee trade in Costa Rica.

Learn the full story from our Granite Goat coffee tasting tours or by visiting our Gift Shop.

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