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Granite Goat
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Welcome to Granite Goat, your go-to destination for freshly roasted speciality coffee delivered straight to your doorstep!

We are a micro roastery specialising in small-batch coffee roasting. Every coffee is unique. We roast to enhance the flavours, aromas and desired attributes of each coffee. Our coffee roasters are equipped with the latest software to ensure that we always produce and replicate a consistently fantastic cup of coffee. This is known as profile roasting.

As the tagline “coffee in balance” states, Granite Goat strives to source coffees that reward farmers for their hard work and dedication to producing amazing coffee. Coffees are sourced using importers who have direct partnerships with farmers or their co-operatives, supporting sustainable agricultural projects and community development (education, housing, health).

We are passionate about coffee and love to experiment with coffees from around the world – our coffee on offer is constantly changing as we source the best the season has to offer… sign up to our newsletter for updates on featured coffees.

Our coffee is available in whole bean or ground, with the option to choose the grind level that suits your brewing system.


Granite Goat ‘hedge veg’ hut

“Hi. I am Chris Bader and I began roasting in my garage in 2004 just playing about with coffees from around the world and taking pleasure in discovering the flavours I found missing in store-bought coffees. Over the last 20 years my hobby became my career. However, in the commercial world consistency is paramount i.e. customers want the same product throughout the year… a skill in itself!

During the Covid-19 lockdown we didn’t have any commercial customers which gave me the time to rediscover my passion for unique coffees from around the world and I wanted to share this…..so I created the Granite Goat ‘hedge veg’ hut allowing the people of Guernsey to get their coffee fix!! The focus being, once again, purely on the joy of roasting high-quality coffee to the highest standard.

Now with the shop and internet store we hope to be able to not only supply the people of Guernsey but the people of the world!”

Granite – because Guernsey is full of it!

Goat – Arab Ethiopian goat-herder Kaldi is said to have discovered coffee after observing his goats becoming energised and dancing about after eating the berries from the green Caffea plant.

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